About LEARN: Activities & Accomplishments

During the past year, LEARN has continued to build partnerships to enhance the strategic value of LEARN to Texas. LEARN is a very diverse and talented consortium with a history of success, but a focus on the future. Highlights from the past year include:

SMU Physicists Contribute to Our Understanding of the Universe

Physicists at Southern Methodist University (SMU) have developed a new methodology to precisely measure a key subatomic particle, which may help us understand the deepest mysteries of our universe. The building blocks for almost all of the visible matter in the universe is quarks. Top quarks are the most massive of all of the observed elementary particles in the universe. The focus of SMU researchers was developing a more precise measurement of the mass of top quarks. This new calculation methodology of the mass of top quarks will help guide physicists in evaluating competing theories and in formulating new theories about the nature of matter in the universe. More

Sharing Expertise & Knowledge a Half a World Away

Texas A&M University (TAMU) is an international leader is oceanographic and marine research with a particular focus on the Gulf of Mexico (Gulf). TAMU has deployed observatories in the Gulf that monitor, in real time, a range of marine parameters that are impacted by the climate, the time of year, excess nitrogen that enters the Gulf from our rivers, oil spills and the ocean's changing currents. TAMU and the University of Haifa (Haifa) have announced an international partnership to leverage the expertise of both universities by establishing similar observatories in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. More

Innovation & Partnerships Are Critical in Educating Texas Children

Educating students in our K-12 schools, who will become the next generation of leaders in Texas, is our most important responsibility and it is critical to the future of our great state. LEARN has partnered with the Texas Education Telecommunications Network (TETN) to leverage technology innovation to improve student learning and performance and to create economies of scale and efficiencies that save taxpayers money. TETN is a consortium of K-12 leaders and organizations that include the Texas Education Agency, the twenty Education Services Centers (ESC) and Independent School Districts in Texas. This innovative partnership has enabled the deployment of an integrated statewide network that provides a rich curriculum and educational experiences from around the world to over 1,000,000 students in over 520 Independent School Districts across Texas. More

LEARN Members Are Leading the Fight Against Pulmonary Fibrosis

The University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston, the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, and the University of Texas Health Sciences Center in San Antonio have teamed up with 36 other prestigious health centers across the United States to combat a life threatening lung disease called pulmonary fibrosis. As a part of the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation's Care Center Network (CCN), these three members of the LEARN community will use LEARN, and other interconnected networks, to collaborate with colleagues across the country and share access to critical resources needed by patients, caregivers, physicians and scientists. More

Researchers Use LEARN's Network to Access Shared Supercomputing Resources

Researchers in Texas and throughout the world use the LEARN network to access the elite supercomputing resources of the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) to collaborate and conduct transformational research. The latest addition to this world class facility is Lonestar 5, which is the second petaflop class system at TACC that is available to the engineering, science and medical researcher communities. More