About LEARN: Organization & Governance

LEARN's Board of Directors governs the overall affairs of the corporation. Committees of the Board have been formed to oversee specific areas of LEARN. The standing committees of the Board include: Finance, Governance and Participation, and Operations and Services. Additionally, an Audit Committee consisting of three elected Board members and an independent advisor monitors the activities of the annual independent audit. The Board also creates ad hoc committees of the Board, as necessary.

Within the authority delegated by the Board, the Executive Committee develops the Board agendas and governs the affairs of LEARN, between meetings of the Board. The Executive Committee is comprised of the elected officers of the corporation and the Chairs of the three standing committees. The elected officers of LEARN include: the President, Chair, Chair Elect, Past Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. Other than the President, the officers are elected from the members of the Board of Directors.

The day-to-day business of LEARN is managed by the President and CEO of the corporation, who is elected by the Board and serves at their pleasure. The CEO employees and supervises a professional technical and administrative staff to conduct and manage operations.

The Technical Advisory Group (TAG) is comprised of representatives, with extensive technical expertise, from our member institutions. TAG members are appointed by the LEARN Board member from the institution they represent. The TAG Chair is elected by the TAG members. TAG is an advisory body to the Board, President and LEARN's Chief Technology Officer. TAG serves an important role in helping shape LEARN's infrastructure, operations and portfolio of services.