SEGP Contact Information

LEARN: Lonestar Education and Research Network

P.O. Box 16920
Lubbock, TX 79490
P: 806.743.7878
F: 806.743.7775

Akbar Kara
Chief Technology Officer

Interested organizations need to contact the Sponsor directly regarding the technical requirements for making the connection.

Southeast Texas GigaPoP

William Deigaard
Networking, Data Centers & Facilities Planning
P: 713.348-5262

Texas A&M University

Rudy Supak
Associate Director, Networking
Texas A&M Information Technology
P: 979.458.9800

Texas Tech University

J. Stalcup
P: 806.742.8000

The University of Texas at Austin

Linda Buckley
Interim Operations Manager
Office of Telecommunication Services
P: 512.232.0683