SEGP Sponsor Requirements

In order to sponsor SEGP Participants through LEARN, SEGP Sponsors must agree to:

  1. Refrain from sending, via LEARN's connection to Internet2, any traffic from or routing announcements for an institution that either:
    1. Was formerly classified as a Carnegie Doctoral/Research - Extensive university or,
    2. Is a former Member of Internet2, but in either case, does not maintain Internet2 Membership and holds current Internet2 Network Participation status,
  2. Maintain a Network Operations Center (NOC) that is accessible to the LEARN NOC and Internet2 NOC and capable of responding to network problem reports on a continuous 7 day per-week, 24 hour-a-day basis,
  3. Assume responsibility for compliance with the Internet2 Network Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) for SEGP traffic defined here,
  4. Provide all routing information updates necessary to support SEGP utilization of the Internet2 Network in the format specified by LEARN's Chief Technologist and the Internet2 NOC,
  5. Maintain at least 1 IP router on the path between the SEGP Network(s) and the Internet2 Network (specifically, the Internet2 Network will not establish separate BGP peerings for the SEGP Network(s),
  6. Provide information, as requested by LEARN, to enable LEARN to maintain a web site that lists individual institutions and organization to be connected to the Internet2 Network via the Texas SEGP networks, including locations of the SEGP Participants,
  7. Countersign the Letter of Sponsorship of a Sponsored Education Group Participant for the Texas SEGP program, and
  8. Proportionally fund the cost of the Texas SEGP fees based on the types and numbers of SEGP Participants they are sponsoring each September 1st. Based on SEGP Participant information provided by the Texas SEGP Sponsors, LEARN will calculate the fee of each Sponsor. To calculate fees, each SEGP Participant will be counted in one of the following categories:
    • Small Connector - A library, a museum or an ISD smaller than 50,000 in student population.
    • Large Connector - All other SEGP-eligible sites.
    • ESC Aggregator - Education Service Center (ESC) sites that bring in more than one SEGP-eligible site and provide a single connection to Internet2. ESCs can choose to accept the Aggregator status or pay the sum of the computed total of all the individual SEGP-eligible sites.
    LEARN will submit an invoice for payment to each SEGP Sponsor based on their sponsored SEGP participants.