LEARN Enables Your Organization

Higher Education icon

Higher Education

Higher Education is benefitting through peering/caching and LEARN’s high capacity, high performance fiber optic network allowing 24-hour access for the ever-increasing bandwidth intensive demands on campuses for students’ studies and entertainment

K-12 icon


Hundreds of Texas public school districts are connected to LEARN, as it provides a safe, stable and secure network environment required for today’s 21st Century student

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Research Institutions

Through LEARN memberships, research institutions have powerful connections to advanced research networks such as ESnet, Internet2 and PacificWave for exchange of large data files essential for some of today’s most important, cutting edge research projects

Healthcare icon


Due to the growing demand for telemedicine, LEARN provides the secure and stable network connections necessary for medicine delivered from a distance to rural communities

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City & County Governments

Government seats have an ever-increasing need for greater connectivity in order to run cities, court systems, prisons, etc. LEARN has the necessary bandwidth available for these entities to run smoothly, efficiently and effectively. LEARN is the trusted convener of communities offering optical networks serving an area or region for the betterment of all

Libraries and Museums icon

Libraries & Museums

As non-profits, libraries and museums can benefit from the many features provided by LEARN that other anchor institutions enjoy. The 21st Century public library has an ever-increasing need for greater bandwidth to meet the demands and needs of its community providing world-wide connectivity

Nonprofit and Public Service icon

Nonprofits & Public Service Entities

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is a vital resource for all and LEARN provides the large, secure, stable environment necessary for its research and critical communications we all rely upon. LEARN can provide services for any and all not-for-profits